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What is FlashJolt.com?

FlashJolt.com is a Website for both Online Gamers and Flash Game Developers to enjoy together. Game Developers Upload their latest games which is Live on the site for the Gamers to play! If you have any questions please use the contact page link at the bottom of the page.

Is the site Totally Free?

Yes! The site is totally free of charge and the users can enjoy the games for free.

Who can upload the games?

Currently anyone with the Rights to the Flash Game can upload their games. This is mostly the Developers of the games. BUT if the sponsers have the right to the game (permission from the developer or anyone in concern) they can upload it aswell

Why doesnt the rating on my game increase?

The rating system only counts 1 rating per user and also ignores the rating of the Author. This is to prevent people from inflating the ratings to get a better position. Eg: If User: Jack Rated and Commented a Game and his Overall was 5, He comes again and comments on the game but this time his overall rating is 10. The system will take his first rating which was 5 and ignore the other ratings. And another thing: If Jack uploaded a game called "Jack: The game" and tried to rate it 10/10 the system will ignore his rating, because he is the author of the game.

But if you find any bugs with the system let us know :D

How to Remove / Report Stolen Games?

Click on the "Report Game" button! or Email us, If you find one of your games were stolen and uploaded to the site or If you want to remove one of the games you uploaded. We can do it for you. Just contact us.

Games are not working.

This happens for a few reasons: Check if you have the Latest Flash Player, alot of games require the latest flash player which is free (Check your Flash Player Version). If the game still doesnt work it might be because Javascript is disabled on your browser. We use Javascript to display games, and alot of features on this site. If you have turned off Javascript, Please enable it to play the games. Even this page uses Javascript to make the site a whole lot smoother.

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