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About Flash Jolt

About Flash Jolt

Flashjolt.com started as a gaming site where developers upload their games and publish it online but since its release the site has had many updates that has made it much more into a Social Gaming Portal. Our current aim is to provide our users with a social platform basing it on games. We have been working hard every day since the release of the website to bring new features. We have been updating/working on new features every single day (mostly!).

The development of the site started roughly around early July 2009, we were building the core website with not so many features and surely not as many features as you can see today! We then released the website into “Developer Beta” when developers had the opportunity to upload their game to our site although the website wasn’t fully released! The first game uploaded during this time was “Hungry Shapes” by ozdy, it was uploaded on 2009-08-26 09:14:56. We saw a lot of games uploaded during that week, thanks to support from developers (mainly the guys from FGL). Then we continued working on finishing the frontend of the website and released the website mid-September in beta stage. During September to December the site was still under heavy works with not so many features but early 2010 we managed to a lot of features including a massive update to our site, we re-designed the site, made the site a lot more social which was initially our aim when we created the site. During Early 2010 we also sponsored a game (our first game for the site): LaserJolt: Sudden Attack. And since then sponsored more games.

Our aim is to build a social platform for both games and gamers.

We’d like to thank all the developers who have helped by uploading their games (350 odd games uploaded by developers, as of 23 Mar. 10). We’d also like to thank our gamers/players who are our main target audience for being loyal and part of the community! We’d also like to thank people who suggested ideas and reported bugs without these guys it would have been pretty hard to find and fix the bugs J

Hope you enjoy your stay here! And don’t forget to invite your friends!

FlashJolt on the web!

Since the release of FlashJolt our site has appeared on many sites, reviewed by many big web networks. Was also rated as one of the best gaming sites by some gamers. Our Aim is to continue to provide this top-level service.

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