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Playing Clear Skies Elite: World War III

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Overall Rating

10 out of 10 ( 1 votes )
Category: Action Games
Author: hamedn ( hamedn's Games )
Played Today: 2
Overall Played: 25668
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Game Description:

A top down airplane shooter game. Follow the advanced story of World War III as you play as different people. Influence the future of the world in this action packed flying game. Play as bombers, defenders, escorts, and attackers. Once you have seen an airplane, it will forever be saved in the gallery. Here, you can view all of the model designs in their full 3d glory. This is not your everyday game. The new Clear Skies engine allows for action packed, graphically intense, and realistic battles at a smooth 30 fps.


A and D/Left and Right - Turn
W and Up - Speed
SPACE - Shoot
E - Special 1
Q - Special 2
C - Use special


skies, air, plane, dog, fight, dogfight

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Tasos posted on 9 February 2014, 08:50



ARVX posted on 24 March 2010, 08:57

"Fighter Plane Piloter"

Pilot various planes on different aerial missions.
Aerial scenery is satellite imagery while the aeroplanes have been beautifully pixelized in the gallery.

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