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Playing Blockies

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Category: Puzzle Games
Author: glowingeyegames ( glowingeyegames's Games )
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Overall Played: 9680
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Game Description:

Blockies is a light hearted, feel good puzzle game. Match 3 or more of the blockies before the grid fills up and try to keep going for as long as you can.


Click the blockies that connect to remove them. If you click on a single blockie it will turn to ice, and the only way to remove it is to use the special powers that appear to the side. To use a special power drag and drop it over the grid!


match 3, puzzle, casual, fun, quick

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ShonaFurey posted on 18 June 2011, 04:20


Could play for hours.

ARVX posted on 22 March 2010, 11:04

"Block Matching Triads"

Colorful tiles called blockies await being matched. Click three or more blockies of the same color to match.

gamesatan posted on 15 March 2010, 07:31


Not the best games, i have seen! but alright!

LoadedArcade posted on 28 February 2010, 10:33

"Cool Game"

What a great game.

MaxDMan posted on 22 February 2010, 09:49

"Best Match 3"

Definitely, one of the best match 3 games i have seen.. From the UI to the actual game play everything was smooth and very enjoyable.. Good job!

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