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  • History Repeating
    History Repeating
    by SandraKim

    We are situated in a small town where a big earthquake happened. David discovers weird things connected to this terrible earthquake. Exactly 50 years ago on the same date, another even bigger earthquake...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 6
  • Dark Goddess
    Dark Goddess
    by SandraKim

    In today\'s game we offer you some nice pretty fairy fantasy, because we offer you a good vampire. Arradia is a Goddess of the night. She was born immortal and she lives in Italy in the year 1300. She...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 8
  • Return to Greenhill Farm
    Return to Greenhill Farm
    by SandraKim

    Lilly and Martin, brother and sister at the age of 18 and 21, came back to Greenhill which is an area in the Eastern part of USA. They were born in the big city where their parents moved ten years ago....

    Rating: 0     Plays: 11
  • Police Car Wash
    Police Car Wash
    by smileycooking

    Ready to go on pursuit for some criminals and catch them? Well you arenât going to drive a car that looks like this arenât you. As a police man it is a must to have a clean police car,...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 7
  • Visit to Owl Street
    Visit to Owl Street
    by SandraKim

    Lisa is a middle aged woman. The time she lived on Owl Street she was in a relationship with Patrick. They loved each other very much and lived together for 6 years. After some time of bed relations,...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 8
  • The Kings Relative
    The Kings Relative
    by SandraKim

    Beldon hides very big secret whole life and now he is an old man and decides to share the secret. Beldon is actually the king\'s relative, but the royal family doesn\'t want the big truth to be found...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 11
  • Enchanted Temple
    Enchanted Temple
    by SandraKim

    Put yourself into the role of an accident treasure hunter who has been lost into a temple and has the whole jewelry and treasure you would think of. Saura is a girl that lives on the Middle East. Walking...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 9
  • Moments of Silence
    Moments of Silence
    by SandraKim

    David is owner of restaurant chain in Boston. He is very rich and successful businessman everyone would envy. But, his family has been worried because for three days their 27-years old sun has been...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 10
  • Perfect Companions
    Perfect Companions
    by SandraKim

    This time we offer you a small mystery with a dog and a cat from our backstreet neighborhood. Puppy Toby and kitty Bella are best friend and very loyal companions of their owner Jane. The previous night...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 8
  • The Great Circus
    The Great Circus
    by SandraKim

    It is sequel of the game Circus Romance when the daughter of the owner of the circus Aurelia had to escape from the place and find her happiness with the man she loves somewhere far away. Now she arrives...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 11
  • The Italian Bazar
    The Italian Bazar
    by SandraKim

    Hi, my name is Rose. I live in America, but my parents are Italian. My roots are from there. I have never been to Italy before. This summer, I have opportunity and I am really excited about it.

    Rating: 0     Plays: 10
  • Picnic Weekend
    Picnic Weekend
    by SandraKim

    What a wonderful day. And certainly, we will use it in a good way. We are ready to go on a trip to my husbandâs birth place. We havenât been there for a long time. And the nature there...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 14
  • Welcome to Serenity
    Welcome to Serenity
    by SandraKim

    \"Serenity\" is one of the best spa centers in the country. Our player is an assistant manager in the center. He has to help them for the rooms to be clean as soon as possible and to be ready...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 21
  • Cartoon Difference
    Cartoon Difference
    by findobjectgames Hiscore Enabled 

    Find all 6 differences between each pair of images to progress through the story.

    Rating: 10     Plays: 15
  • Barbie Family Cooking Berry Pie
    Barbie Family Cooking Berry Pie
    by gamesforgirlz

    Join the barbie superhero family in this summer berry pie cooking game where they will be all in the kitchen and doing their own thing to make sure that the dessert will be delicious.

    Rating: 0     Plays: 19
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