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  • Math And Match
    Math And Match
    by jdchanda

    In this game you need to select a number of blocks whose sums equal the given expression. Hold the left mouse button down while moving over adjacent blocks to select blocks until you get the required...

    Rating: 10     Plays: 9
  • Orbiting Number
    Orbiting Number
    by jdchanda

    In this game you need to remove all the orbiting balls . Just click on the ball which has exactly same value as the ball in the center has. If the answer is correct that ball will be vanished. As per...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 20
  • Elsa playing with baby Anna
    Elsa playing with baby Anna
    by gamesforgirlz

    Join in on the fun in this Elsa and Anna playing game where you will get to do lots of fun activities with Anna, while trying not to get caught by Elsa as she does not like it when you play with her...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 24
  • Math Mahjong
    Math Mahjong
    by jdchanda

    Math Mahjong is a combination of Math and popular Chinese game Mahjong. In this game pair would be 2 equal values. i.e. 12 can be paired with 4+8 You can remove only paired free blocks. The block...

    Rating: 10     Plays: 28
  • Maukie Matching
    Maukie Matching
    by jdchanda

    Collapse these group of cute maukies! Click the groups of horizontally or vertically connected blocks with the same-color kittens. For each collapse you will get some points. Aim for larger groups of...

    Rating: 10     Plays: 18
  • Math Defender
    Math Defender
    by jdchanda

    Math defender is an arithmetic math game with a quite new challenge. In this game you need to defend your gems from the bird monsters. The cannon will shoot a magical feather to make it return back....

    Rating: 10     Plays: 22
  • Tom Cat Care
    Tom Cat Care
    by freegameswow

    Tom cat comes back home after wandering on the street for several days. His whole body is so dirty! Lets do a wash care for him. First of all, you need to cut his long fur. Then you should wash him...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 31
  • Lovely Search 2015
    Lovely Search 2015
    by jdchanda

    This is a multi featured game which includes simplicity, fun, addictiveness, skill testing and fun. In this game you will have to click on all blocks which show a specific item. Complete the board before...

    Rating: 10     Plays: 31
  • Eggarrest
    by findobjectgames Hiscore Enabled 

    Itâs a catching game with an attractive game design using chicken on trees & falling eggs. You are to catch the eggs within the specified time & every dropped egg costs you points &...

    Rating: 10     Plays: 37
  • Mutational Tom Cat
    Mutational Tom Cat
    by freegameswow

    There are so many annoying flies in Tom\'s house. And our Tom cat chooses an unbelievable way to kill the flies! Have fun! If you like Mutational Tom Cat, you can put it to your favorites. So it can...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 36
  • Lovely Princess Cat
    Lovely Princess Cat
    by freegameswow

    People love their pets and take them as a member of the family. They take care of them carefully and even buy them many fashion dresses and accessories to make them look more cute. Lily just gets two...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 41
  • Triangular 2048
    Triangular 2048
    by neuroarcade

    Variation of the massively popular 2048 puzzle. Combine tiles by moving them in the six directions on the triangular grid. When tiles with the same value meet, they merge into one tile with the combined...

    Rating: 10     Plays: 40
  • Tom Injured
    Tom Injured
    by youmengzhongguo

    TOM\'s foot hurt, a lot of blood. Let\'s learn how bandaged it now!

    Rating: 0     Plays: 75
  • Tom Cat Stomach Surgery
    Tom Cat Stomach Surgery
    by freegameswow

    Tom cat has serious epilepsy, and it is a seizure disease that attacks in some cases. He has tried many ways to cure it, but sadly they all doesn\'t work and can not even alleviate the symptom, It is...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 51
  • Tom Cat Fart
    Tom Cat Fart
    by freegameswow

    Tom cat is playing the piano for Angela. Suddenly his belly feels uncomfortable and he wants to fart! But he cannot lose face in front of Angela. How to do? Please help him secretly put fart out while...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 82
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