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Tagged: adventure

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  • Brave Pig Hero
    Brave Pig Hero
    by freegameswow

    Brave Pig Hero loves adventure. Now He has put on his armor. His adventure will be both dangerous and rewarding. Have fun!

    Rating: 0     Plays: 8
  • Fritzy Adventure
    Fritzy Adventure
    by roocket

    Come adventure with Fritzy in the unknown planet to get gems that scattered. Frityz is a cute monster who is very agile in jumping. Use this jump skill to be able to adventure in this planet where full...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 8
  • Crazy Primitive Man
    Crazy Primitive Man
    by freegameswow

    Crazy Primitive Man lives in the cave and he has to collect enough eggs for his family. This task is not easy and extremely dangerous as he has to jump cliffs and avoid beasts. Please come and help...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 9
  • SpongeBob Bubble Attack
    SpongeBob Bubble Attack
    by freegameswow

    SpongeBob is really good at blowing bubbles. Now monsters is invading. Please help him use the bubble to trap the monsters and kill them!

    Rating: 0     Plays: 10
  • SpongeBob New Action
    SpongeBob New Action
    by atlasplus

    Help SpongeBob and Patrick to collect all burgers and reach to the finish. This time SpongeBob must take hammer for breaking walls. Patrick has to get keys to open doors. Have Fun all the way in...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 9
  • Fred Way
    Fred Way
    by bnagames

    Fred Way is a funny platform game. Fred is a lost in the jungle. Help Fredy to find wayout. Collect coins and all the other items in order to get higher score and complete the levels. From time to...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 13
  • Mario New Extreme 2
    Mario New Extreme 2
    by atlasplus

    New Mario styled game. This time you must take hammer to break walls and get key which open the door. Beware of falling rocks!You need to be fast! Your enemy will try to stop you. Look for upgrade...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 20
  • Hero Fight Aliens
    Hero Fight Aliens
    by freegameswow

    This game is a multiplayer adventure game. The evil alien came to attack the earth. The heros in the earth formed a strong alliance to resist the alien invasion. Let\'s fight with the alien!

    Rating: 0     Plays: 16
  • SpongeBob Crazy Adventure 2
    SpongeBob Crazy Adventure 2
    by atlasplus

    Help SpongeBob to collect all burgers and destroy enemies in this funny adventure game. You have 10 lives. Have Fun all the way !

    Rating: 0     Plays: 20
  • Fly Mario
    Fly Mario
    by bnagames

    Fly Mario is a funny phisycs game. Long long ago,there is a group of very lovely Marios live in the beautiful grassland,they have a fancy for stars and mushrooms, they always dream of having all...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 18
  • Angry Birds Hearts
    Angry Birds Hearts
    by bnagames

    Angry Birds Hearts is a funny adventure game. You are controlling the Angry Bird which girlfriend trapped in the same spooky castle along with foes, traps, and secrets awaiting to be found. Control...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 21
  • Pou Xtreme Escape 2
    Pou Xtreme Escape 2
    by atlasplus

    This is a very fun and addictive game!Help pou to collect all coins. Watch out for the traps and enemies. Enjoy 15 levels in this funny adventure game!

    Rating: 0     Plays: 22
  • Little Prince Saves the Rose
    Little Prince Saves the Rose
    by symbolgames99

    Little Prince Saves the Rose is inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery\'s novel \"Little Prince\". Little Prince comes from the small asteroid B 612 where he has three volcanoes and a rose....

    Rating: 0     Plays: 46
  • Ben10 Shooting
    Ben10 Shooting
    by atlasplus

    Ben10 take a plane. He is going to the battle to save his friends. You must help him to breakthrough and complete his mission. Collect power ups and increase your shooting capacity. Good Luck!

    Rating: 0     Plays: 23
  • SpongeBob Save Crab
    SpongeBob Save Crab
    by freegameswow

    Deep the sea there comes a group of bandits who caught away crab boss. They brought crab boss to a labyrinth. To save crab boss, SpongeBob and Patrick Star decide to break the labyrinth. But, only with...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 38
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