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Playing Trigger Master

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Category: Shooter Games
Author: gamesplz ( gamesplz's Games )
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Overall Played: 5430
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Game Description:

Everyone is making fun of you for falling in love with an ugly woman! They are picking on you and you must do something to stop them from laughing and harassing. The only way to stop them is to become the Trigger Master. A reflex game with humor.


- Click once with your mouse to let the duel begin
- Pull your trigger when the judge takes his hat off
- Wait for the signal and shoot your opponent's butt off


reflex, shooter, shooting, shoot, gun, reaction, game, games

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Tasos posted on 4 May 2014, 02:59



ARVX posted on 20 February 2010, 06:46

"Shoot Gunners at a Hat's Drop"

Feel like killing people at the drop of a hat? Then, this game is for you. Reminds the player of the Wild West variety of shooting.

MaxDMan posted on 15 January 2010, 06:56

"Fun game :D"

Very nice game, btw does the game get harder every round?

gamesplz posted on 14 January 2010, 09:07

"Nice Game :)"

It is a nice game!

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