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Playing PopBalloons

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Overall Rating

10 out of 10 ( 2 votes )
Category: Puzzle Games
Author: Flashjolt ( Flashjolt's Games )
Played Today: 4
Overall Played: 40307
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Game Description:

Let's burst some ballons in the new Flahsjolt game! Click a balloon to pop it when its red, or increase its mass if it's purple, blue or black. Once you pop a balloon, a chain reaction will start! Try to get rid of all the balloons with the minimum of clicks.

There are 2 modes available: a Puzzle mode of 20 levels and and arcade mode which never ends where you need to beat the best score! Play now to PopBalloons!



balloons, puzzle, bloons, arcade, action, chain, chain reaction, cute

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ARVX posted on 14 August 2011, 07:03

"Addictive HiScore Game"

A game that makes you use tactics to get every point to greaten your score.

ShonaFurey posted on 18 June 2011, 03:55

"Addicting !"

I love balloon games. So addicting, fun and relaxing to play. Great job.

keybol posted on 7 June 2011, 02:49

"Fun game isn't it?"

Thanks for playing!

Nashtbg posted on 7 June 2011, 09:05


Puzzle for mind and arcade for highscore! Great

Flashjolt posted on 6 June 2011, 02:06

"Very nice game"

Simple gameplay yet entertaining! thx!

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