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  • Iso Ball X1
    Iso Ball X1
    by Notdoppler

    Place blocks on the play-field in order to guide the ball to the exit hole in each level.

    Rating: 0     Plays: 12842
  • No Halo No Entry
    No Halo No Entry
    by foggames

    Cupido has been tasked with the mission of killing everything without a halo, that is invading the kingdom, No Halo No Entry. Free the trapped Angels and destroy the evil demons through 24 challenging...

    Rating: 10     Plays: 9902
  • Blockies
    by glowingeyegames

    Blockies is a light hearted, feel good puzzle game. Match 3 or more of the blockies before the grid fills up and try to keep going for as long as you can.

    Rating: 0     Plays: 9680
  • Folds
    by cop77

    Folds brings the art of paper folding to your computer. With it\'s simple controls, Folds is a game that almost anyone can play... But that\'s not to say it doesn\'t get challenging!

    Rating: 9     Plays: 9599
  • Flooded Village
    Flooded Village
    by BigDino

    The mysterious Flooded Village will grant you the power to command the tide for your own benefits! Dig rivers and flip switches to guide water through the village. Water the trees, help the pirates...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 9113
  • Cover Orange Players Pack
    Cover Orange Players Pack
    by bubbleboxZ

    Hide your Oranges and Apples! 80 great new home-made levels! Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain.

    Rating: 0     Plays: 7732
  • TripleDrop
    by kegogrog Hiscore Enabled Challenge Enabled 

    Don't just swap things in this match three game. Rotate them!

    Rating: 0     Plays: 6509
  • Build 2
    Build 2
    by beegames

    Goal of BUILD 2 game is to assemble all the scattered pieces, inside the outline, which is given in the scene. Assemble all the pieces accurately inside the outline quickly as possible to gain points....

    Rating: 0     Plays: 4298
  • Black and White Mahjong 2
    Black and White Mahjong 2
    by zygomatic Hiscore Enabled Challenge Enabled 

    Combine a black Mahjong tile with a white Mahjong tile. You can only combine free stones. Free stones have at least 1 side free (left or right) and are not covered by other tiles. Clear all tiles to...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 4244
  • Farm Connect 4
    Farm Connect 4
    by yy2kcom Hiscore Enabled Challenge Enabled 

    Farm connect Fourth Stage, the final version. The game theme is fruit, modified many functions, the picture is more beautiful! Can you do it as quickly as possible and all of them? Play the Farm connect...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 4241
  • SunnyBoom
    by 4V4

    SunnyBoom is a smart casual game based on physics! Use various physical objects and help the Sun to boom and fall down into the exit. 1. Nice casual graphics. 2. Excellent music. 3. Easy and addictive...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 4176
  • Max Damage 2
    Max Damage 2
    by unl0ad

    Max is back with some new toys including a machine gun and laser. Topple bbq pits onto fridges, burn bookcases and disintegrate microwaves! Cause maximum damage to pass 50 levels in this addictive physics...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 4118
  • Butterfly Kyodai
    Butterfly Kyodai
    by freegameswow

    This is an interesting remove game. Match two same wings together and the butterfly will fly away.

    Rating: 0     Plays: 4008
  • Catastrophic Construction 2
    Catastrophic Construction 2
    by DanielMartin

    Enjoy the fun game! Feauturing 20 levels, getting progressivlly harder! Can you beat them all?

    Rating: 0     Plays: 3783
  • Ragdoll Salvation
    Ragdoll Salvation
    by bubbleboxZ

    Can you save the ragdolls from death? Arrowspam to the rescue! Simple, fast, challenging. Ragdoll Salvation is an extremely simple, fast, and fun ragdoll parody shooter.

    Rating: 0     Plays: 3780
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