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  • Snow White Solitaire
    Snow White Solitaire
    by zygomatic

    Moving Tripeaks Solitaire game. As soon as a row of cards has been removed new cards will be added into play. Remove all cards by selecting free cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value. Jokers can...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 2259
  • Wild West Solitaire
    Wild West Solitaire
    by zygomatic

    Fun Klondike type of Solitaire, it starts simple, but new levels are more difficult. Build the foundations in Suit from Ace to King. Cards on the table can be played on top of other cards in sequence...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 2012
  • CardMania Golf Solitaire
    CardMania Golf Solitaire
    by glowingeyegames

    Enjoy 30 levels of golf solitaire, in this stunningly simple, addictive card game with a fun theme. There are also three difficulty levels to pit yourself against.

    Rating: 10     Plays: 2005
  • Switchback Solitaire
    Switchback Solitaire
    by fupa

    This solitaire card game is played with 2 decks of cards with the K\'s removed. Initially, 4 aces are dealt to the center as the foundation, and then 12 cards are dealt around them in a circle. The...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1850
  • Kitty Tripeaks
    Kitty Tripeaks
    by cardboardgames

    Kitty Tripeaks is a classic solitaire variation with bright graphics by Card-Board-Games.com While owners are at work the kittens are playing tripeaks. Dedicated to all pet and solitaire lovers! ...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1809
  • Blackjack megalopolis
    Blackjack megalopolis
    by nic233

    The object of the game is to reach 21 points or to reach a score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21. The player or players are dealt an initial two card hand and add the total of their cards....

    Rating: 10     Plays: 1792
  • Thieves of Egypt Solitaire
    Thieves of Egypt Solitaire
    by fupa

    This game is similar to Forty Thieves Solitaire. The object of this game is to move all the cards to the foundation (upper right piles). The foundation piles are to be built up from A to K with cards...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1786
  • Rummy
    by zygomatic

    Play rummy against a computer opponent. Rummy is the card version of the popular tile game Rummikub. Goal is the be the first with 0 cards in hand. First move you must play at least 30 points with your...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1785
  • Castle Solitaire
    Castle Solitaire
    by zygomatic

    Visit the 10 most beautifull Castles in this game and play a Solitaire and a Difference Game. In the solitaire game you have to remove all cards by playing a card that is 1 higher or 1 lower in value...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1764
  • Tri Peaks Solitaire
    Tri Peaks Solitaire
    by fupa

    In this game there will be a number of cards listed in the shape of three peaks while the cards in the bottom row are opened. Your job is to move away all the cards from the three peaks. You can only...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1673
  • Spectromancer Truth and Beauty
    Spectromancer Truth and Beauty
    by moaid123

    Spectromancer Truth and Beauty is an online fantasy card game. Play magical duels against other wizards. Summoning all kinds of creatures and casting spells in this strategic game. A fantasy game with...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1664
  • Scorpion Solitaire
    Scorpion Solitaire
    by fupa

    In this game there are 7 piles of tableau cards, each contains 7 cards and the first 3 cards of the first 4 piles are covered, the remaining 3 cards of the deck are put aside as the stock cards. The...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1662
  • Yukon Solitaire
    Yukon Solitaire
    by fupa

    The object of this game is to put all the cards to the foundation (the top 4 piles). The foundation piles must be built up from A to K with cards of the same suit. There are 7 tableau piles (the lower...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1541
  • Terrace Solitaire
    Terrace Solitaire
    by fupa

    At the start of this game 11 cards will be dealt as the reserve cards (also known as the terrace) and 4 cards will be dealt to the tableau (the bottom piles). First, you need to decide the base card...

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1463
  • Sofia the First Solitaire
    Sofia the First Solitaire
    by wayak

    Stack the cards together in descending order whilst alternating red and black colors, don\'t forget to place the aces on the row located at the upper right side of the game.

    Rating: 0     Plays: 1167
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