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Sugar, Sugar Christmas review

We are in December, I think it’s time to begin to talk about Christmas. That’s the choice Bontegames made by releasing the game « Sugar, Sugar, Christmas ». Just to remember, Bart Bonte created games such as Factory Balls and Me and the Key or … « Sugar, Sugar ». Always simple and original puzzle games. The first time [...]

Merry Christmas!

Hey Gamers/Developers, Its a great time of year. Everyone is probably busy with their celebration and theres only around 3 hours till christmas (GMT). So i thought i’d wish you guys “Merry Christmas” Anyways, Enjoy this holiday and never forget to play games on flashjolt -FlashJolt Possibly Related Posts: Online Blackjack Guru Free Standard Blackjack [...]

Sift Heads 3

Sift Heads 3, a game by Siftheads ( Possibly Related Posts: Tire Shop Walkthrough PopBalloons Walkthrough Crusade Walkthrough Roly Poly Cannon 3 Walkthrough League of Evil Walkthrough