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Tips for a successful game

Making a successful game isn’t just about uploading your game to every portal, it begins from the day you start making the game. Here are a few simple but yet “never” used tips. Possibly Related Posts: Interview with Nitrome’s Matt Developers! Use SWFstats for Advanced Statistics! ShandaGames buys MochiMedia Top 10 Resources for Flash Game [...]

5 Flash Games That Makes you “Wow”

Flash Games have advanced throughout the years, since the beginning. You can play them almost any time you want unlike “console games” which is a advantage (although you require a PC). But there are some outstanding games that make players go “Wow!” which have attracted millions of plays throughout their lifetime. Possibly Related Posts: Parisian [...]

The 5 Best Flash Games 2009!

Aye! its almost the end of 2009! Ahh what a great year. Alot of new stuff, Was released. Twitter (one of the biggest buzz this year) became a huge hit! Even Greater flash games were made by great developers! O ye! Call of duty 6: Mordern Warefare 2 was also released. And so much [...]

Splitty – The Game, All Level Walkthrough

Splitty, The Game. This video shows you how to play and finish the game. Splitty is game submitted by Badim. Click here to play Splitty Possibly Related Posts: Tire Shop Walkthrough PopBalloons Walkthrough Crusade Walkthrough Roly Poly Cannon 3 Walkthrough League of Evil Walkthrough