Interview with Nitrome’s Matt

Hey matt, thanks for joining us today. Alternative Video Interview with Matt First off, tell us about how Nitrome started and what/who inspired you to develop flash games? Matt: Nitrome was started by myself and Heather Stancliffe. We had worked together previously with her doing programming and me doing the art and we had known [...]

Tips for a successful game

Making a successful game isn’t just about uploading your game to every portal, it begins from the day you start making the game. Here are a few simple but yet “never” used tips. Possibly Related Posts: Interview with Nitrome’s Matt Developers! Use SWFstats for Advanced Statistics! ShandaGames buys MochiMedia Top 10 Resources for Flash Game [...]

Developers! Use SWFstats for Advanced Statistics!

Hey guys! Many developers probably know about SWFstats, a new Analytics for Flash games. Its both feature rich and also way better than most of the current Analytics for Flash games. SWFstats – Flash Analytics Its free right now, but only during the beta. There will be a price though when it comes out of [...]

ShandaGames buys MochiMedia

Mochiads is one of the best ways for developers to monetize their games. This wasn’t the case until mochiads came about… Mochiads is the company That brought money and ads into Game Development, Many developers made lot more money than they would have. And the same company was sold to a leading Chinese Gaming Company [...]

Top 10 Resources for Flash Game Developers

Here are 10 great resources for flash game developers and wannable developers! Emanuele Feronato A great blog with great tips and tutorials to help you get started. It also has great blog posts ways to optimize your games and get a better outcome. Possibly Related Posts: Interview with Nitrome’s Matt Tips for a successful game [...]

What makes a good flash games?

Whether you like a game or not is your taste. Some games gain alot of fans while the others lay buried with not alot of people noticing. But What really makes a good game that attracts gamers? In a old post i said Flash Games dont really need Cute Graphics to be good. Possibly Related [...]

MochiMedia Updates Again :D

Some good news for developers! MochiMedia have updated their system again to include some new and maybe some interesting features: Consumables and In-Game Currency Support in Mochi Coins (AS3 Only) Universal Login Let your users use the mochi login features in your game even if you dont have mochi coins enabled. It will also allow [...]

Developer Tip: Increase Game Views

It is sometimes hard for some games to get plays. Its probably because either the game play is bad or the game doesnt look attractive. You may also want to check out: What makes a good game? 1) Choose your name carefully. Although this may seem like it doesnt have alot to do with game [...]

[Developer] Do you really need fancy cute graphics?

Do you really need those fancy cute graphics for your game? Well to short answer to this is “No.” Why? Because people who play games are normally school kids aged 13-17, and most of them dont play flash games at home (Its a true fact, They prefer console games), They play these game at work [...]

Got a post? Get it up here!

Got a post about anything online game related? A review of your favourite games? Or a walkthrough of your own game? Then email it to us and we will post it up here! Check out, In Other news, The 100th Game was uploaded today (around 3 mins ago). Possibly Related Posts: Interview with Nitrome’s [...]