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First of all, I should say I’m not a huge fan of car games. Slaloming between cars on a straight highway, it’s quite boring. So, people might ask why am I writing a review of this game? Let’s try to answer! Freeway Fury 2 is not a basic car game because the goal is not to win a race against other cars.

Imagine you’re out of office on a Tuesday evening, stuck in your car right in a huge traffic jam after a long day at work. The only thing you want is your couch, maybe a beer, and a lovely wife cooking a delicious meal, just for you. Don’t you? But no, you’re here with yourself, on the highway, alone in your car listening to an annoying radio. What a mess! Difficult not to get pissed off! That’s what Freeway Fury 2 is talking about!


Although this game is not perfect and could be improved in many ways, it’s surprising how much time you can play. You easily get into it. Jumping from car to car, ejecting other drivers of cars, motorcycles, trucks. Burn the road with nitro and driving as fast as possible.
It is a score game and you’ll like the many ways you got to earn points: driving in reverse, smashing other cars, jumping from car to car, making combos, etc… It means, not only one way of playing. For a game that is intended against stress, you really feel distressed after that. It’s a bit weird and nice at the same time.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there is no interest in playing this game without sound. Although a bit repetitive, the music is essential to good playing experience!

Thanks to the developer Serius Games and the sponsor notDoppler.


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