Burrito Bison Review

Gummie bears are something I never thought I would come across while playing a game but Evil gummies with sharp teeth? Now that’s different!

burrito bison game

Burrito Bison is created by Juicy Beast Studio and the game is published on Notdoppler. The game is very strange but again it’s one of those games where you are your only competition, well, apart from being part man and part bull smashing up gummies. I do believe that in Greek mythology Burrito Bison is called a Minotaur for those of you who like learning a fact or two along the way.

The game graphics are detailed but very distinctive and of course being in candy land it’s very multicoloured. The game starts off as a comic strip and this is how the story goes….

Bison is casually out doing his weekly shop when he walks past a bag of sweets that starts rustling. As Bison looks closer with confusion a huge hand reaches out to him then BOOM!!! He is sucked into the Candy Land. Next thing you know he is in this huge arena surrounded by gummie bears waving flags, it is then when Bison knew it’s time for business.

burrito bison gameplay

Burrito Bison is a launch game (in Action games on Flashjolt) and your mission is to escape evil candy land. The instructions of how to play are shown when you’re in the actual game. You start off in what seems to be a boxing ring with a big evil pink gummie, you must use the spinning power meter to launch yourself out of the ring trying your best to stop it on the pink gummie at the 12 o’clock mark as this gives you a powerful launch. With the left mouse click or the space bar, you must hit it when you wish to launch and depending where it lands, determines how far you go. When high up in the air you will see an icon with a rocket in it, click or use the space bar and this makes you bounce hard on the ground. When you hit the gummies this will fill up your rocket icon.

As you know with any launch game it’s not just about the launch but what you need to collect or achieve. You must collect coins and purchase upgrades on your mission. The more times you attempt,  the more money you receive, this is when you can go into the shop mode and start kitting up. Upgrading is expensive but the game notifies you when you can buy something and the first thing you can purchase is when you have reached $400. You earn more cash from gummies so get bouncing.

“Burrito Bison” is the game where you are not satisfied with until you have completed your quest. The gameplay is easy and fun… Get those Gummies on Flashjolt.

burrito bison gameplay 2

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