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We are in December, I think it’s time to begin to talk about Christmas. That’s the choice Bontegames made by releasing the game « Sugar, Sugar, Christmas ». Just to remember, Bart Bonte created games such as Factory Balls and Me and the Key or … « Sugar, Sugar ». Always simple and original puzzle games.

The first time I played « Sugar, Sugar, Christmas », it reminded me the Lemmings game I used to play when I was a kid. Except that here, characters don’t have don’t have special abilities and are even more stupid than Lemmings.


The principle of the game is quite easy. Grains of sugar are falling constantly from the comma. The grains interact with everything in the game screen. You have to draw lines and curves to route them to the different cups. Sometimes, you will have to change the color of the sugar before leading it to the proper cup. All of this in a Christmas atmosphere in which the grains of sugar strangely remind us snowflakes.

Said like this, it doesn’t sound difficult but believe me, it’s only an impression. Certain levels will give you a hard time. And it becomes harder as you go further in the game.

You want to wait for Santa Claus, warmly installed in your couch, playing with your iPad, watching the snow falling? This is made for you!

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