Earn to die Review

My name is Franck ! I’m an ex-marine lost in hell : Arizona Desert, infested with zombies … And I « Earn To Die » !

Day 1: God, I hate those creatures ! *spit on the floor*

Ok, let’s see … This helicopter is my only chance to escape ! But it seems to be about 3000 feet away. And the zombies are coming … Damn! I need a car … *looking around*… Don’t tell me my only option is these 3 junk cars. We’re not in « Mad Max » … Damn! Come on Franck, do you think you have any other solution ? Let’s give it a shot!

Day 2: Hey? … Heyyyy? … Yes, I’m talking to you, f**king developers ! Give me some rock’n’roll baby! It’s gonna be so hot! … *listening to music* … Yeah, that’s it !!! LET’S ROCK!

Day 15: Awesome! Xzibit would be so proud of me! I’m sure I did better than « Pimp My Ride » teams!

Look at that f**king car ! Come on zombies, who’s your dady?

Day 26: Damn…

Day 30: Who  the hell do you think I am? Come on! You have anything to say against my truck? I don’t think so! You’re in hell now ! Come get some Franck!

Day 32: All right fellows, thanks for the ride ! I hope you enjoyed the road as I do. I’m outta here ! Let’s meet again, in HELL ! See ya ;-)

Earn to die is a new flash game sponsorised by NotDoppler and it’s very fun and addictive! Play Earn to die here on Flashjolt!

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