Cats vs mice review

Cats vs mice is a nice strategy-defense game where you play the cats and you need to conquer the land of the mice.

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Cats and mice have homes and they need to conquer the other house by colonizing them. This is very easy to do, just click on your home where you have some cats and send them in another house to populate the house. Each time, half of the cats are leaving to your new colonized home. You can also use blockers with pilllow or cactus. You can also send flying helicopter cats. There are 15 levels with different pattern, more and more difficult. The first level are easy but it’s becoming more and more difficult when you beat the levels.

Cats vs mice is a very entertaining and sometimes a little frustrating but the overall experience is quite good.

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  • arcadejam

    haha cats vs mice its fun mice will win on this game!

  • Robert Honey

    I second the review this game s great

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