SunnyBoom Walkthrough

SunnyBoom, is a new interactive Puzzle Game from 4v4. The main aim of the game is to make the sun go through the exit. If you feel a bit stuck check out the walkthrough:

Click to Play SunnyBoom

Level 1-16

Level 17

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  • Member

    Hey! Thanks for the post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this walkthrough. :)

  • Bubble

    hey buddy, thanks for this walkthrough. sunnyboom is a nice game, but some levels are really diffcult. thanks man

  • Abellion

    How do u get past lvl 22? SO HARD

  • Kpjnjnfho

    how do you get past level 19

  • kmvjf

    level 19 please tell

  • kmvjf

    not level 19 but 18

  • Precioushope

    i’m stuck at level 19!

  • :D

    HOW TO BEAT LEVEL 19!!!!!!!!!!!

    put the box on top of the two smallest wheels at the end
    then put the wooden rectangle thing under the hole under sunny resting on the wood base

  • Jamesqwerty0014

    22 was much harder but i finished it

  • Mystery_princess

    what a smarty one!

  • die

    how to beat level 22

  • guest

    how did you finish level 22 please tell me how :’(

  • DoggieLover85

    Cant get pasted 20

  • Fsdvhju

    Put the Box on the two farthest to the right wheels. Then put the other piece under the sun on the stone square.

  • gamer

    wow! i tried every single way except this! thank you so much!

  • nelody

    level 22 anyone

  • Laxlver1996

    how the hell do you do level 22

  • Ioanapascale

    how did u finished level 23 please tell me i can’t do this level

  • Emir Auditore

    thank you so much.this help need to have so much likes

  • Hailey Rose Gore


  • Hailey Rose Gore

    level 21 HELP!! please :)

  • Stormed19

    i NEED level 22 i cant figure it out!

  • Boomie


  • Heart On OuWorLd

    pls level 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TurdfaceXD

    I love you!!!! :D

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