Freeway fury 2 review


First of all, I should say I’m not a huge fan of car games. Slaloming between cars on a straight highway, it’s quite boring. So, people might ask why am I writing a review of this game? Let’s try to answer! Freeway Fury 2 is not a basic car game because the goal is not to win a race against other cars.

Imagine you’re out of office on a Tuesday evening, stuck in your car right in a huge traffic jam after a long day at work. The only thing you want is your couch, maybe a beer, and a lovely wife cooking a delicious meal, just for you. Don’t you? But no, you’re here with yourself, on the highway, alone in your car listening to an annoying radio. What a mess! Difficult not to get pissed off! That’s what Freeway Fury 2 is talking about!


Although this game is not perfect and could be improved in many ways, it’s surprising how much time you can play. You easily get into it. Jumping from car to car, ejecting other drivers of cars, motorcycles, trucks. Burn the road with nitro and driving as fast as possible.
It is a score game and you’ll like the many ways you got to earn points: driving in reverse, smashing other cars, jumping from car to car, making combos, etc… It means, not only one way of playing. For a game that is intended against stress, you really feel distressed after that. It’s a bit weird and nice at the same time.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there is no interest in playing this game without sound. Although a bit repetitive, the music is essential to good playing experience!

Thanks to the developer Serius Games and the sponsor notDoppler.


Play Freeway fury 2 on Flashjolt now!

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Burrito Bison Review

Gummie bears are something I never thought I would come across while playing a game but Evil gummies with sharp teeth? Now that’s different!

burrito bison game

Burrito Bison is created by Juicy Beast Studio and the game is published on Notdoppler. The game is very strange but again it’s one of those games where you are your only competition, well, apart from being part man and part bull smashing up gummies. I do believe that in Greek mythology Burrito Bison is called a Minotaur for those of you who like learning a fact or two along the way.

The game graphics are detailed but very distinctive and of course being in candy land it’s very multicoloured. The game starts off as a comic strip and this is how the story goes….

Bison is casually out doing his weekly shop when he walks past a bag of sweets that starts rustling. As Bison looks closer with confusion a huge hand reaches out to him then BOOM!!! He is sucked into the Candy Land. Next thing you know he is in this huge arena surrounded by gummie bears waving flags, it is then when Bison knew it’s time for business.

burrito bison gameplay

Burrito Bison is a launch game (in Action games on Flashjolt) and your mission is to escape evil candy land. The instructions of how to play are shown when you’re in the actual game. You start off in what seems to be a boxing ring with a big evil pink gummie, you must use the spinning power meter to launch yourself out of the ring trying your best to stop it on the pink gummie at the 12 o’clock mark as this gives you a powerful launch. With the left mouse click or the space bar, you must hit it when you wish to launch and depending where it lands, determines how far you go. When high up in the air you will see an icon with a rocket in it, click or use the space bar and this makes you bounce hard on the ground. When you hit the gummies this will fill up your rocket icon.

As you know with any launch game it’s not just about the launch but what you need to collect or achieve. You must collect coins and purchase upgrades on your mission. The more times you attempt,  the more money you receive, this is when you can go into the shop mode and start kitting up. Upgrading is expensive but the game notifies you when you can buy something and the first thing you can purchase is when you have reached $400. You earn more cash from gummies so get bouncing.

“Burrito Bison” is the game where you are not satisfied with until you have completed your quest. The gameplay is easy and fun… Get those Gummies on Flashjolt.

burrito bison gameplay 2

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Sugar, Sugar Christmas review


We are in December, I think it’s time to begin to talk about Christmas. That’s the choice Bontegames made by releasing the game « Sugar, Sugar, Christmas ». Just to remember, Bart Bonte created games such as Factory Balls and Me and the Key or … « Sugar, Sugar ». Always simple and original puzzle games.

The first time I played « Sugar, Sugar, Christmas », it reminded me the Lemmings game I used to play when I was a kid. Except that here, characters don’t have don’t have special abilities and are even more stupid than Lemmings.


The principle of the game is quite easy. Grains of sugar are falling constantly from the comma. The grains interact with everything in the game screen. You have to draw lines and curves to route them to the different cups. Sometimes, you will have to change the color of the sugar before leading it to the proper cup. All of this in a Christmas atmosphere in which the grains of sugar strangely remind us snowflakes.

Said like this, it doesn’t sound difficult but believe me, it’s only an impression. Certain levels will give you a hard time. And it becomes harder as you go further in the game.

You want to wait for Santa Claus, warmly installed in your couch, playing with your iPad, watching the snow falling? This is made for you!

Play Sugar, Sugar Christmas on Flashjolt

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Bloom defender review

Bloom defender image 1

The balance of nature is compromised: the Mother Tree, source of life on Earth, is in danger. All natural energy emanates from the Mother Tree. The spirits are made of this energy, perfectly balanced between good and evil. Sometimes, this energy becomes unbalanced, corrupting the spirits and causing them to materialize and fuse with elements. This evil energy upsets the natural order. The spirits try to return to the Mother Tree and corrupt it as well. The only way to stop them is to cleanse and rebalance their energy before they reach the Mother Tree.

Here is the pitch of Bloom Defender, from Juicy Beast Studios, same studio that developed Burrito Bison. In other words, there is a good chance that this game is pretty good when you know the reputation of the Juicy Beast team.

bloom defender image 2

The game is sponsored by Very good for them! Because I have to say that Bloom Defender is a success. Lately, I spent 2 weeks on many flash games website and I saw it everywhere.

When you start playing, it turns out that it’s difficult to stop. Because all the ingredients of a good tower defense game are together : beautiful graphics and smooth animation, variety in towers and special attacks, a gameplay that presents some difficulties will lead you to elaborate different strategies.

You’ll find the five elements of nature (water, fire, earth, wind, light) on both sides: you and evil spirits. It will lead you to manage weaknesses and strengths during the battles.

The only drawback of Bloom Defender is that we would have appreciated more levels. Even if there is two game modes (easy and difficult), you play on the 5 same levels. Maybe in a sequel? Wait & see…

Play now on Flashjolt: Bloom Defender

bloom defender image 3

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Earn to die Review

My name is Franck ! I’m an ex-marine lost in hell : Arizona Desert, infested with zombies … And I « Earn To Die » !

Day 1: God, I hate those creatures ! *spit on the floor*

Ok, let’s see … This helicopter is my only chance to escape ! But it seems to be about 3000 feet away. And the zombies are coming … Damn! I need a car … *looking around*… Don’t tell me my only option is these 3 junk cars. We’re not in « Mad Max » … Damn! Come on Franck, do you think you have any other solution ? Let’s give it a shot!

Day 2: Hey? … Heyyyy? … Yes, I’m talking to you, f**king developers ! Give me some rock’n’roll baby! It’s gonna be so hot! … *listening to music* … Yeah, that’s it !!! LET’S ROCK!

Day 15: Awesome! Xzibit would be so proud of me! I’m sure I did better than « Pimp My Ride » teams!

Look at that f**king car ! Come on zombies, who’s your dady?

Day 26: Damn…

Day 30: Who  the hell do you think I am? Come on! You have anything to say against my truck? I don’t think so! You’re in hell now ! Come get some Franck!

Day 32: All right fellows, thanks for the ride ! I hope you enjoyed the road as I do. I’m outta here ! Let’s meet again, in HELL ! See ya ;-)

Earn to die is a new flash game sponsorised by NotDoppler and it’s very fun and addictive! Play Earn to die here on Flashjolt!

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Cats vs mice review

Cats vs mice is a nice strategy-defense game where you play the cats and you need to conquer the land of the mice.

cats vs mice image

Cats and mice have homes and they need to conquer the other house by colonizing them. This is very easy to do, just click on your home where you have some cats and send them in another house to populate the house. Each time, half of the cats are leaving to your new colonized home. You can also use blockers with pilllow or cactus. You can also send flying helicopter cats. There are 15 levels with different pattern, more and more difficult. The first level are easy but it’s becoming more and more difficult when you beat the levels.

Cats vs mice is a very entertaining and sometimes a little frustrating but the overall experience is quite good.

Play it on flashjolt

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Parisian girl dressup

Parisian Girl is a cute girl games where you need to dress up a nice Parisian girl

parisian girl image

You can see the eiffel tower just behind her. Your job is to make her as pretty as you can like in every dress up games. Hope you will enjoy this cute girl game.

Have fun !

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Blocktics review

Blocktics is a  simple casual puzzle game very entertaining. The goal of the game is to remove all the blocks from the screen. You earn more points if you successively remove blocks from the same color. The challenge seems simple at the first glance but later when you start having a lot of different colors it becomes way harder.

Blocktics flash game

There are 2 game modes:

  • Fixed: This is predetermined levels with a certain order and increasing difficulty
  • Random: All the levels are random so there is no logic behind them and it’s more difficult.

If you don’t like online flash games like Blocktics you can always come and play other games on Flashjolt.


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Tire Shop Walkthrough

Tire shop is a very difficult puzzle game available at It has 24 levels and some of them are very hard to beat. Here is the walkthrough which will help you to defeat all the levels.

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PopBalloons Walkthrough

PopBalloons is the new game of FlashJolt ! It’s a puzzle game where you need to burst balloons in the right order to make them all disappear. Here is a video walkthrough to help you defeating the 20 levels !

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