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Playing Aquastones: Defuse'em

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Category: Misc Games
Author: BettoABS ( BettoABS's Games )
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Overall Played: 1193
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Game Description:

The second game of the Aquastone series! Defuse the boxes or get rid of them before it's too late!


-Destroy the right Aquastones to defuse the boxes; or make way for them to the end of the game area

-Each time you play a new box fall and the counter in all the boxes will decrease
-Don't let the counter in the box get bellow zero or you will lose a life. Defuse the boxes before that!


aquastones defuse'em avoider sea ocean fish aqua stone boxes

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ARVX posted on 24 March 2010, 03:34

"Box Bomb Squad"

Dismanle the bomb boxes before the seconds tick down to doom!

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